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We offer personalized consultancy sessions with Brick Visual's founder and creative director

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Since its inception in 2012, Brick Visual has grown from a small team of five to an international community of more than seventy people, located in two different countries and offices.

During this time, we have received and reviewed thousands of applications from all over the world, including both portfolios and CVs. It is not an overstatement to say that we have seen it all and became observant in career matters.

We are proud of our in-house training and mentoring systems that have been streamlined throughout the years to develop archviz talents. Building on the success of this approach, Brick Academy was established.

Now, we offer our career-shaping expertise to you.

Portfolio Consultancy

We offer personalized five-hour online portfolio and career consultancy for those 3D artists who want to make a career advancement.

400 €

*price including 27% VAT
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Suggested Consultancy Sessions

Four sessions spread out to fit your schedule

1. Find your directions

1,5 hours

Based on the introductory email you have sent us, we will first discuss your personal goals within a short career consultancy session. We will overview why you have applied to our program, which archviz studios you would like to send your application to or what you need to advance as a freelancer.
Building on your existing skill set, we will set objectives which lead to your goals or propose alternatives.
In light of this, we will select those images which you will need to improve. The aim is to help you create even more engaging images through storytelling and composition. Also, we will talk about the graphical and textual content of your portfolio and CV, giving you tips on how to improve them and/or providing you with templates.

2. Polish your portfolio

1 hour

Once you have improved your images based on our suggestions and managed to steer your images in the right direction, you are a step closer to creating a marketable portfolio.
You will spend another hour with one of our experts, who will provide detailed guidance on technical as well as post-production related know-how.
Based on your pace and improvements, you will have the opportunity to review additional commissioned and non-commissioned visualizations.

3. Fine-tune your images

1 hour

During our third meeting, we will focus on fine-tuning your images. This process is an absolute must to create high-end architectural visualization images.
The images will be analyzed with a critical eye and you will receive comments down to the tiniest parts. The aim is to achieve realistic textures, essential details, proper matte painting and flawless lighting on characters, etc. which push your images to masterpiece-level art.

4. Ready to Conquer

1,5 hour

After you have polished and fine-tuned your images, we will look through the results. Drawing from the comments provided for both your images and overall layout, we will advise you on ways you can extend your portfolio in the future.

In the last hour-and-a-half-long session, we will overview your improvements, give guidance on how to choose your career path and help you plan the next step forward.
We will provide you with practical advice in the last one and a half-hour session. Drawing on our expertise in recruitment and talent acquisition, we will arrange a test interview with you. Within this preparatory interview, we will ask the most typical and challenging questions that cause many candidates to fail.

What are the benefits?

Backed by nearly a decade of experience in the archviz industry, we have designed our professional counseling service to cover all aspects of professional development. Through this integrated approach and our understanding of current trends, we can provide you with the guidance and know-how needed to boost your career.

Within the consultancy sessions you will:

  1. Define your Career Direction and Goals based on your skill set
  2. Gain from Personalized Consultancy sessions, led by the market leader
    Brick Visual’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer.
  3. Improve your work within Image Review Sessions by incorporating our feedback
  4. Possess a strong, well-polished Portfolio and CV by the end of the consultancy
  5. Learn from our Job Interview Preparation Session, led be seasoned recruitment and
    talent acquisition experts
  6. Master Tips and Tricks that help you obtain a position in the archviz industry

For Who?

We recommend our consultancy service to architectural visualization artists who already have a portfolio. By addressing the most common setbacks and pain points of career advancement, we support you in making a successful career jump

Portfolio Quality Issue

If you are unsure about the quality of your images and need a fresh pair of eyes, we offer professional advice and comments to refine them.

Career Stagnation

If your current position does not challenge you anymore, or you are applying for jobs without success, we help you explore options and set goals for landing your dream job.

Undefined skills

If you are doubtful of your archviz skills and are curious to know what you need to work on to reach your goals, we advise you by sharing our immersive industry experience.

Your Consultants


András Káldos


As CEO of Brick Visual, András checks and reviews each and every job application Brick Visual gets, which means that he has seen nearly ten thousand portfolios and CVs. As an established 3D artist himself and well-known industry professional, he also gets frequent invites to be on the jury panel for prestigious archviz competitions, such as the CG Architect Awards. He strongly believes in lifelong learning and he is a natural motivator who gives honest reviews.


Márton Tóth

Art Director

Márton, aka Marci is the creative power-house of Brick Visual, with an incredible eye on everything artistic. He won’t miss the tiniest technical details in an image, and will give you suggestions on how to make your creations more expressive and to stand out from the crowd. Due to his aesthetic superpowers, he is also frequently invited as a judge at archviz competitions.


Orsolya Steiner

Chief of HR

Orsi is the Chief of HR at Brick Visual, member of the Board of Directors, and also a Senior Advisor and Partner of She holds an Oxford Brookes Degree of Economics specializing in Human Resources. She gained more than 15 years of experience at multinational companies like Honeywell, Xerox and General Electric. She was successful at a variety of HR roles throughout her career, such as HR Business Partner, Compensation and Benefit Manager, Organisational Development Manager and Trainer. She knows and understands the quickly changing challenges of HR, and handles well the dynamically changing business environment.

What do you need to do?

1. Create your pool of images

Make a selection of your best works, featured commissioned and non-commissioned works - no more than 18 images in total.

2. Write down your goals

Write and send us a “checklist”. This should include the studios you want to work at, the skill level you want to reach - everything that helps us give you the best suggestions. It does not have to be long, but informative!

3. Work on comment rounds

After we reviewed your images, take your time to edit/ upgrade your images!

4. Apply to your dream job

Use your new set of skills and apply to jobs with your freshly polished portfolio and CV. We are also looking forward to your application, as we recruit talents on an ongoing basis. Wishing you lots of success with your endeavors. We are eager to hear from you and wish you success!

Portfolio Consultancy

We offer personalized five-hour online portfolio and career consultancy for those 3D artists who want to make a career advancement.

400 €

*price including 27% VAT