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Animation in Archviz

Hybrid Advanced Course

Add a degree of motion to the built environment and craft stunning architectural animations. Within this hybrid course, you will work on a real-life project and complete a quality animation as a member of a small team.

Take our hybrid course either online from anywhere or in-class at the HQ of Brick in Budapest. Both formats will be held parallelly and all attendees will have full mentorial support and access to the software needed.



8 seats left

27 NOV - 8 DEC

09:00 CET on weekdays (EU/Africa)

21 Nov application deadline

8 seats | 8 days | 64 hours live

1350€ *


*price including 27% VAT


Architectural Animations

With captivating ambience

Animations are gaining momentum in a variety of industries. It is no wonder, as the medium engages the viewer and shows nuanced and even abstract details that stills can not capture. Since architectural concepts and client expectations become more complex too, archviz professionals increasingly receive commissions that involve animation creation.

If you want to keep up with the demands of the industry and advance your career, you should master this powerful tool. Through this course, you will learn the practicalities needed to craft animations with compelling atmospheres. On top of that, you will become competent in client communication, teamwork and time management. Upon completing the course, you will be prepared to communicate a sense of place more effectively and wrap up animation projects with a profit.


What you will learn?

During eight-day-long course, you will learn all the fundamental aspects of architectural visualization movie making; from finding the right source of inspiration to editing, post-production and beyond. This is for you, if you have intermediate 3ds Max skills and basic movie editing knowledge.

More Information
Movie production workflow
Learn the fundamental aspects of archviz movie-making, and a highly efficient production workflow while polishing your client communication skills.
Animation and Editing
Become skilled at animating cameras and adding final touches such as editing music, and creating titles and subtitles.
Render Management
Streamline your shot management workflow and get to know how to effectively handle sequence renders and use render farms.
Post-Production and Animation Extras
Gain an understanding of the basics of compositing, character animation (in Anima) and camera tracking.

Hybrid course

Learn the way you want!

Our Animation in Archviz course is held in a hybrid format, which offers the most flexibility in terms of participation. You are free to decide how you want to take part - either online from anywhere in the world or in-class at Brick’s HQ in Budapest. No matter which option you choose as they will run in parallel, with the same curriculum and mentorial support.

When attending the in-class course, you will study in a well-equipped environment. You will have the chance to see what life is like at one of the top archviz studios. In the breaks, you can connect with other artists of the Brick community in a welcoming, home-like atmosphere. If you choose to study remotely, you will use your own workstation and have access to special software by connecting to our remote desktops.

Course schedule

  • Virtual office tour and getting to know each other
  • Presentation on the movie inspiration
  • Presentation on the movie workflow
  • Time management and teamwork basics
  • Client Communication
  • Introduction of the Project
  • Develop a storyline and creating a narrative
  • Camera animation basics in practice in 3DStudio MAX
  • Introduction of the Pulze Scene Manager
  • How to make viewport previews and fast preview render sequences,
  • A practice-based workshop - Creating previews of the shots
  • Editing basics
  • Editing to music
  • Rendering video files
  • Practice-based workshop - Making a draft animatic to music
  • Review session of the animatics
  • Practice-based workshop - Fixing the animatics by the comments
  • Voting the best animatic of the student’s versions
  • Testing lights and effects by using Chaos Vantage
  • Short tutorial for animating people with Anima
  • How to animate objects with Tyflow
  • Simulation with Phoenix
  • Breakdown of timelapse animations
  • Practice-based workshop- applying the animation adds-on to the specific scenes and testing with Chaos Vantage
  • Setup the lights and mood by following references
  • Animation render setup basics
  • Using checklist/sanity checker to avoid render errors
  • How to send out shots to Helio render farm using Pulze Render Manager
  • Quick checking of all shots rendered during the night
  • Practice-based workshop - Start to work with the render shots and fixing problems
  • Sending out the corrected shots to render farm
  • Basics of post-production and compositing
  • Introduction Adobe After Effects based on real life examples
  • Draft compositing of the shots rendered
  • Practice based workshop of to post-prudction on the scenes
  • Practice based workshop of to post-prudction on the scenes
  • Denoising and color grading tips
  • Rendering missing masks and correcting wrong passes
  • Updating the edit with all composited shots
  • Color grading of the final shots
  • Rendering out the final movie
  • Q&A session

Rendering by Helio

Greener Rendering in the Cloud

Helio Render offers a quick and easy setup, allowing users to spin up the cloud render solution within 10 minutes. This feature, coupled with its fast and intelligent data transfer, easy job submission, and fast cloud infrastructure, makes Helio Render an efficient and effective option for rendering small and large jobs. Additionally, users can lower electricity consumption and increase data center utilization by migrating to the cloud.

During the course, students will have access to Helio Render's power for producing animation sequences, and upon completion, they will receive a $250 render unit for personal usage.



  • min 3 years of experience in architectural visualization
  • Intermediate 3Ds Max Skills
  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Intermediate communication skills in English


  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Zoom Client
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Parsec client


  • CPU - 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor
  • 16 GB (32 GB RAM or more recommened)
  • Graphics Hardware - min. 2 GB RAM
  • 2 pcs. monitor 1920x1080 display resolution
  • Headset / webcamera
  • min. 20-100 Mbit internet
  • Disk Space - 15 GB of free disk space for install
see full list of minimum requirements »

Teachers & Mentors

Attila Deák

Creative Director

András Vida & Giulia Adami

Creative Director & Senior 3D Artist

Andrea Pedrotti

Art Director

Lilla Hajnal

Senior 3D Artist and VFX Artist


You will not only gain professional architectural visualization knowledge, but we also offer the following awesome benefits to encourage your further adventures:

Brick Academy Certification

After fulfilling the course requirements successfully you will get a certificate from Brick Visual.

Bonus render unit

You will receive a 250$ Helio render unit upon completing the course.

Free Pulze Software

Elevate your workflow with our professional Pulze Post Manager and Scene Manager, developed in-house! Get your 6 months free licence during the course!

Provided assets

We provide you with a special modelbank and photo bash contents to use in your personal practice.


"Thanks a lot for this amazing masterclass, who brought me so great skills but moreover opened my eyes to the world of archviz animation. I've been thrilled to get to touch this world that adds another dimension to my "every day" stills and brings stories to life, so thanks a lot for that."

– Hugues Rebay
3D Artist

Do you have questions?

Our staff members are happy to help you, if you need further information on our architectural visualization courses.

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Learn from us and step up
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27 MAR -05 APR

09:00 CEST on weekdays (EU/Africa)

21 Mar application deadline


8 seats left

27 NOV - 8 DEC

09:00 CET on weekdays (EU/Africa)

21 Nov application deadline

8 seats seats | 8 days days | 64 hours live


*price including 27% VAT