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Image Generalist in Archviz

Intensive In-Class Course

Gain knowledge and skills on all aspects of creating high-end stills. Through this full-time course, you will learn to develop archviz images with the proper conceptual foundations, 3D techniques, and artistic aspects. Recommended for beginner or intermediate 3D artists who are ready to grow professionally.

Pave the way to Brick Visual and earn a position as 3D artist after the four-week course and assessment



5 seats

30 SEP - 29 OCT

In-class in Budapest HQ

24 Sep application deadline

8 seats | 20 days | 2 extra days

3200€ *

Installment payment available

*price including 27% VAT


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Become an archviz artist

with relevant knowledge and skillset

As archviz software becomes widely available, it will be more difficult for 3D artists to stand out from the crowd. To create an impressive image, it is no longer enough to exactly show reality. As a successful professional, you have to be able to develop a mood that matches the scene, apply storytelling and follow basic artistic composition techniques too.

This course offers the most extensive training in archviz, within 8 hours a day, for 20 days. You will learn how to use software, build up an image from a conceptual viewpoint, and develop an artistic eye for composition. Through mastering these skills with the guidance of Brick mentors, you will become an image generalist with a breadth of knowledge and a skillset relevant to the demands of the industry.



How you will learn

Brick Visual put together this course by gathering years of professional and training experience. We believe that mentorship and the continuous guidance and support of instructors is key to successful practice-based learning. Technical know-how is a crucial outcome of this course, but equally important is to develop artistry. Great emphasis is placed on constant feedback - each week ends with a review session, summarizing main points.

More Information
Through presentations and live tutorials, you learn future-proof artistic and basic technical skills that you need within the archviz profession.
On mentoring days, you apply the knowledge gathered from previous workshop days to your own project. You practice while receiving constant help from mentors.
One of the highlights of the course is the weekly review session - mentors reflect on your progress and analyze the newly created pictures.

Scholarship opportunities

Are you eager to enroll in our Image Generalist in Archviz course but concerned about affording the full tuition?

At Brick Academy, we believe in making education accessible to the most promising talents. That's why we offer a limited number of scholarships each year to exceptional candidates at a discounted price.

To apply for a scholarship, simply select the Sign Up for a Scholarship option on your application form. Tell us what sets you apart and why you believe you deserve a spot at our academy. Selected candidates will be invited for a brief video interview with one of our representatives.

Don’t miss this chance to advance your career with Brick Academy


Course schedule

Week 01
Week 02
Week 03
Week 04
Extra Days
Day 01
Day Image

Day 01

After a short round of introductions, we give a brief overview about Brick Visual and the facilities of the Budapest-based HQ via a virtual office tour. Then, Archviz, as an artistic profession, will be discussed and its foundations. Finally, one of the most crucial artistic skills - composition creation - will be explored and practiced within a guided session.

  • Virtual office tour and getting to know each other
  • Introduction to the art of archviz
  • The art of good composition and its importance
  • Guided practice on compositions
Day 02
Day Image

Day 02

This day is dedicated to technical skills. First, the user interface of Autodesk 3ds Max will be introduced. Then, general modelling techniques will be taught, like spline and polygon modelling. Following a short live tutorial on architectural modelling techniques, you will put theory into practice within a mentor-led training session.

  • Introduction to the basics of Autodesk 3ds Max and gaining familiarity with the user interface
  • General modelling techniques
  • Spline and Polygon modelling
  • A brief insight into architectural modelling methods (walls, windows, roof, etc)
Day 03
Day Image

Day 03

Further pillars of the Archviz profession include Basics of Architecture Photography and Essentials of Lighting Techniques. After the presentations, you will get acquainted with these in practice. We will create numerous camera and light setups by using previous live Brick projects (as reference)

  • Basics of Architecture Photography
  • Introduction to V-ray and physical camera settings
  • Methods to light a scene with V-ray Sun and V-raySky
  • Introduction to Image base Lighting (HDRI)
  • Essential lighting techniques
  • Local lights sources
  • Using Atmospheric effects
  • Introduction to the Light mix render element
Day 04-05
Day Image

Day 04-05

Following the first workshop days, you will have two days of mentor assisted sessions to practice what you have learnt focusing especially on composition and lighting. At the end of the first mentor days, you’ll be already able to create colored clay renders. As the closing of the first chapter, you will prepare 4 colored clay renders to continue the course.

We end the week with a review session

Kickstart your career

at Brick Visual

Launch your archviz career with Brick Visual and earn a position as a 3D artist right after the four-week course. The precondition for getting a job offer is to extend your participation by an additional two days - free of charge. Within these days, you will take an assessment test and receive career counseling.

Through the assessment test, you can put your newly gained archviz knowledge to test to see how much you developed. Within the individual counseling session, we discuss the results of your assessment test and your performance throughout the course. Based on the evaluation, we provide career advice or decide whether you receive a job offer from us.



You will not only gain professional architectural visualization knowledge, but we also offer the following awesome benefits to encourage your further adventures:

Job Offer

Brick Visual may offer you a salaried 3D artist position. If you are interested in working with us, you have to extend your participation by two days to take the assessment test. Taking the test is a precondition for being included in the recruitment process. Based on your performance, we may offer you a position.

Brick Academy Certification

After fulfilling the course requirements successfully and passing the exams, you will get a certificate from Brick Visual and VRay. They will certainly boost your career.

Provided assets

We provide you with a special modelbank and photo bash contents to use in your personal practice.

Free Pulze Software

Elevate your workflow with our professional Pulze Post Manager and Scene Manager, developed in-house! Get your 6 months free licence during the course!

In-class learning experience

Within our mentor-led program, you will learn straight from Brick experts, who are top-notch senior artists ready to share the latest industry trends and their experiences with you. They are passionate instructors who give valuable and constructive feedback on your work, which is essential for your professional development.

More info
Live like a Bricker
The course is held at the spacious, loft headquarters of Brick Visual in Budapest, in a well-equipped environment. You will have the chance to see what life is like at one of the top archviz studios, where dozens of high-end archviz creations are made daily. In the breaks, you can connect with other artists of the Brick community in a welcoming, home-like atmosphere.
Cautionary steps
Due to the pandemic, it is compulsory for course participants to be fully vaccinated against Covid. Applicants should take into account possible quarantine obligations and future travel restrictions to Hungary. We maintain the right to hold the course in an online format if circumstances don’t allow us to ensure a safe in-class learning environment. For this reason, we ask course participants to book their accommodation and tickets to Budapest earliest one month before the course starts.


As an artist, it's important to learn how to see and observe things. This is what brick academy has taught me the most! It has taught me to think outside of the box I was stuck in, plus it gave me a nice roadmap on where to improve on after the course!

– Jens Meyssen
3D Artist at Noir Visuals


Age limit

  • You must be over 18 years old

Language skills

  • Intermediate English

Software skills

  • Basic 3Ds Max Skills (advantage)
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Teachers & Mentors

András Káldos


István Lovák

Leader of Academy

Péter Pazsiczky


Do you have questions?

Our staff members are happy to help you, if you need further information on our architectural visualization courses.

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3 seats

20 FEB - 21 MAR

In-class in Budapest HQ

14 Feb application deadline


2 seats

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In-class in Budapest HQ

13 Jun application deadline

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25 SEP - 25 OCT

In-class in Budapest HQ

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4 seats

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03 JUN - 02 JULY

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28 May application deadline


5 seats

30 SEP - 29 OCT

In-class in Budapest HQ

24 Sep application deadline

8 seats seats | 20 days days | 2 extra days


Installment payment available

*price including 27% VAT