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This intensive, one-month, full time architectural visualization course is for you, if you would like to become a professional 3D artist, or want to polish your skills and be specialized in high-end archviz.

Pave the way to Brick Visual and earn a position as 3D artist after the four-week course


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8 seats | 20 days | 2 extra days

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Archviz is a relatively new discipline which is in constant evolution. Identify emerging trends and gain new perspectives within our mentor-led program. Learn straight from practicing Brick Visual artists, who have years of on-the-job experience, in an interactive and supportive online environment. Master the entire process of archviz within 8 hours a day, for 20 days

Launch your archviz career with Brick Visual and earn a position as 3D artist right after the four-week course. The precondition for getting a job offer is to extend your participation by an additional two days - free of charge. Within these days, you will take an assessment test and receive career counseling



How you will learn

Brick Visual put together this course by gathering years of professional and training experience. We believe that mentorship and the continuous guidance and support of instructors is key to successful practice-based learning. Technical know-how is a crucial outcome of this course, but equally important is to develop artistry. Great emphasis is placed on constant feedback - each week ends with a review session, summarizing main points.

More Information
Through presentations and live tutorials, you learn future-proof artistic and basic technical skills that you need within the archviz profession.
On mentoring days, you apply the knowledge gathered from previous workshop days to your own project. You practice while receiving constant help from mentors.
One of the highlights of the course is the weekly review session - mentors reflect on your progress and analyze the newly created pictures.

Course schedule

  • DAY01 - After a short round of introductions, we give a brief overview about Brick Visual and the facilities of the Budapest-based HQ via a virtual office tour. Then, Archviz, as an artistic profession, will be discussed and its foundations. Finally, one of the most crucial artistic skills - composition creation - will be explored and practiced within a guided session.
  • DAY02 - This day is dedicated to technical skills. First, the user interface of Autodesk 3ds Max will be introduced. Then, general modelling techniques will be taught, like spline and polygon modelling. Following a short live tutorial on architectural modelling techniques, you will put theory into practice within a mentor-led training session.
  • DAY03 - Further pillars of the Archviz profession include Basics of Architecture Photography and Essentials of Lighting Techniques. After the presentations, you will get acquainted with these in practice. We will create numerous camera and light setups by using previous live Brick projects (as reference).
  • DAY04-05 - Following the first workshop days, you will have two days of mentor assisted sessions to practice what you have learnt focusing especially on composition and lighting. At the end of the first mentor days, you’ll be already able to create colored clay renders. As the closing of the first chapter, you will prepare 4 colored clay renders to continue the course.
  • DAY06 - After you mastered the compositional basics and the appropriate handling of cameras and lights, you will learn how to use Vray Standard material and generate life-like basic and complex architectural shaders.Texture applications and different mapping methods will be studied as well.
  • DAY07 - On this day, we reach an important milestone in architectural visualization - we will create drafts. To create an engaging draft, you will need to gain an understanding of the foundations of Adobe Photoshop, elements used in post-production and their appropriate application, and the most important matte painting techniques.
  • DAY08 - After the draft creation process, we zoom into the working mechanism of the Vray render engine. Various image sampling methods and optimization variants will be analyzed. Further, you will become competent in identifying and using render elements used in post production.
  • DAY09-10 - Using the top 2-3 of clay renders that you have created before, you will practice the skills, you have been taught in the last workshop sessions, concentrating on drafts. As they are key elements in creating archviz images and have a prominent role in the work-flows of Brick Visual, mastering drafting is an essential in your skillset as a 3D artist.
  • DAY11 - Through an in-depth study of Itoo - Forest Pack, you learn how to produce realistic vegetation, from the smallest blades of grass to lush Norwegian forests. Further, you gain understanding of the most frequently used landscape modelling techniques.
  • DAY12 - You familiarize yourself with parametric modelling. By using Itoo Railclone software and various mathematical functions, you design roads, architectural elements or entire cities.
  • DAY13 - An architectural visualization design always has to communicate the architectural program itself. The Art of Storytelling presentation supports you in achieving this. This sheds light on what characters and elements should be employed to create the most convincing image.
  • DAY14-15 - Within two days, you elaborate on the images that you have previously created by synthesizing everything you have learnt. The final post-production processes are taught through numerous examples and live tutorials.
  • DAY15-20 - Until the last mentor sessions, you have heard everything that you need to know to start creating industry-standard images on your own and to put together a powerful, professional portfolio of 3-4 polished archviz projects.

    In this 5 days, your only task will be to practice, while deepening the knowledge under the conscious assistant of our mentors. This is your time to really create effectively, without any limitation and with unlimited help

  • EXTRA DAY 01 - Assessment test - With the assessment, you can put your newly acquired archviz knowledge to test to see how well you fare. Also, to be considered for a paid 3D artist position at Brick Visual, this test is compulsory.
  • EXTRA DAY 02 - Evaluation and career counseling - Within an individual counselling session, we discuss the results of your assessment test and your performance throughout the course. Based on the evaluation, we provide career advice or decide if you receive a job offer from us.


You will not only gain professional architectural visualization knowledge, but we also offer the following awesome benefits to encourage your further adventures:

Job Offer

Brick Visual may offer you a salaried 3D artist position. If you are interested in working with us, you have to extend your participation by two days to take the assessment test. Taking the test is a precondition for being included in the recruitment process. Based on your performance, we may offer you a position.

Brick Academy Certification

After fulfilling the course requirements successfully and passing the exams, you will get a certificate from Brick Visual and VRay. They will certainly boost your career.

Provided assets

We provide you with a special modelbank and photo bash contents to use in your personal practice.

Free Pulze Software

Elevate your workflow with our professional Pulze Post Manager and Scene Manager, developed in-house! Get your 6 months free licence during the course!


As an artist, it's important to learn how to see and observe things. This is what brick academy has taught me the most! It has taught me to think outside of the box I was stuck in, plus it gave me a nice roadmap on where to improve on after the course!

– Jens Meyssen
3D Artist at Noir Visuals



  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Intermediate communication skills in English
  • Basic 3Ds Max Skills (advantage)


  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2021
  • Chaos Group - Vray 5 (update 1)
  • Itoo Software
  • Adobe Photoshop 2021


  • CPU - 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
  • 16 GB of RAM minimum (32 GB or more recommended)
  • Headset / webcamera / min 20/10 Mbit internet
  • Monitor 1920x1080 display resolution (at 100% scale factor)
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Teachers & Mentors

András Káldos


Lovák Istvan

Leader of Academy

Péter Pazsiczky


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8 seats seats | 20 days days | 2 extra days


*price including 27% VAT